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Chin Implants 


Chin augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that uses implants to change the size or shape of the chin.  Chin implants can improve the appearance of weak or receded chins.  Chin implants can add projection of your chin to improve the balance of your facial structures especially your profile.  Chin augmentation is frequently performed at the same time as nose reshaping surgery to enhance and balance your facial features. 

You will meet your doctor during an initial consultation.  You should tell your doctor about your concerns and the expectations that you have for chin augmentation.  Your doctor will review your medical history and examine your chin and skin elasticity.  X-rays may be taken.  Your doctor will explain the chin augmentation surgery and the variety of chin implant options.

Chin implants come in many sizes and shapes.  They are made of a variety of solid and semi-solid materials.  Your doctor will have demo chin implants for you to consider.  Your doctor will suggest the best chin implant for your expectations based on many factors, including your facial structure and proportions. 

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Elective chin augmentation is usually an outpatient procedure that takes place in a doctor’s surgical center, hospital, or outpatient surgery center.  You may receive general anesthesia, but can be performed under local anesthesia with or without intravenous sedation.  A chin augmentation may take from 15 to 45 minutes to complete.

There are a couple of surgical approaches that can be used for chin augmentation.  One method uses an incision between the lower lip and your gums to gain access to create a space between your chin bone and the overlying muscle of the chin. Once the space has been created, an appropriate size chin implant will be positioned in this created space.  This method does not leave a visible scar because the surgery is performed inside the mouth.

A second surgical approach for chin augmentation uses an incision made under the chin to insert the implant. Through this external incision, a similar space is created which the implant will easily fill.  The incision is closed with stitches and a bandage.  The resulting scar is nearly unnoticeable because it is underneath the chin. The chin implant can be made of several types of material ranging from a silicone elastic material (similar to the outside of a saline breast implant) or other types of compatible materials.

At the end of your surgical procedure, your chin will be taped to minimize swelling.  You will wear the tape for about a week.  It is common to experience bruising, pain, and swelling for several days following the procedure.  You will receive pain medication.  Most people return to work and resume their regular activities at about 4 to 10 days following their chin augmentation.

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